For the Ceramics industry, the Group provides industrial solutions for the design and development of processes for the production of ceramic tiles. We offer highly-technological equipment to support our customers throughout each essential phase of the ceramics production process – like pressing, drying, decorating, sorting and quality control – as well as other advanced solutions for stocking, palletizing, handling and the complete digitalization of the manufacturing plant.

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Flow Automation

For efficient, continuous, and quality tile production, it is important to rely on solutions that guarantee an effective flow of operations. Coesia offers a wide range of automatic solutions for ceramic production flow, characterized by high precision, flexibility in format change, and high performance. 
Our portfolio covers all the main phases of the production process with a particular focus in end of line management, from sorting to palletizing and transport.

Flow Automation
Makind and Forming

Making & Forming

With disruptive technologies that have changed the rules of the game in the Ceramics market, Coesia boasts a unique offering in the field of forming for ceramic tiles and slabs. Our Superfast, a mold-less press with flexible production formats, ensures a high productivity up to 24,000 sq.m per day and savings in terms of energy and raw materials are guaranteed, for a highly sustainable technology. The offer expands with Genesis, the revolutionary decoration set-up that makes it possible to produce full body decorated ceramic slabs with digital control of the discharge of atomized powders. This allows producers to explore new markets and expand their portfolio.


Coesia can provide automated industrial equipment and systems for storing and handling ceramic products, tiles and ceramic slabs, both for fired and unfired material. The technologies designed for this segment include vertical storage systems, traditional systems with boxes or platforms and systems dedicated to the automatic movement of fired material from benches.


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