The Coesia Tech Academy

Did you complete a course of study in mechanics, electronics or related areas? Coesia offers you a training program  at our Group: a unique opportunity to gain technical skills at the headquarters  of Coesia companies and its international customers.

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If innovation and technology are your path, the Coesia Tech Academy is your direction.
A unique experience that will allow you to learn new technical skills and experience your knowledge directly in the field. An international training program supported by Coesia experts that offers you the opportunity to start your career as a Field Technician in our Group.

Start your career as Field Technician!

The training consist of two different phases, for a total duration of 15 months. The first phase takes place at Coesia headquarters in Bologna, and it will be focused on achieving basic skills, through a direct technical experience with G.D technological excellence.
At the end of this first quarter, the skills you have acquired will be certified through a test; then you will get on to the next step, during which you’ll complete one year of on-the-job training at the relevant Coesia organizational unit.

A training journey toward an important professional goal: the opportunity to start your career as a Field Technician and experience on the frontline the technological excellence of Coesia companies and its customers.

Pack your bags: Coesia Tech Academy is about to begin. And it’s waiting for you.

Tech Academy

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