At Coesia, our companies' goal is to provide reliable solutions to Food manufacturers so to ensure a wide range of products are available to consumers every day in convenient and safe packages – for segments like Confectionery, Snacks & Bars, Biscuits & Crackers, Ready Meals, and Sauces & Condiments. From packing and wrapping to pouching, from filling and cartoning, to automated production flow and robotics, our vast portfolio includes stand-alone machines and integrated solutions for primary and secondary packaging.
We also provide end-of-line product handling and palletizing solutions to complete our full-line automation capabilities.

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Whether it is a standard solution or a highly customized one, we leverage decades of experience in the Food industry to supply the most optimal equipment to satisfy your ever-changing operational needs. Keeping up with the latest industry trends, we strive to make our changeover times shorter while focusing on robustness and packaging sustainability, so that numerous pack styles and configurations can be accommodated, while production safety, business continuity and a lower environmental footprint are guaranteed.

Flow Automation

Coesia offers a variety of solutions that help automate your production facility regardless of the complexity of your operation. Our team can identify how to move your materials and product through production more efficiently with our state-of-the-art conveyor systems and equipment integration expertise. We also provide denesting and feeding equipment to automate more labor-intensive processes so that operators can be diverted to more critical operations

Flow Automation
Cartoning and EOL

Cartoning & EOL

From low-speed intermittent motion to continuous motion machines running over 330 packages per minute, Coesia offers the right portfolio of solutions to grow with your business well into the future. We have extensive experience with end-load, side-load, and top-load cartoning, for a variety of bagged, cupped, pouched, and wrapped food products. Moreover, we provide case packing and tray & sleeve packing solutions to automate your end-of-line operational needs. 


We engineer and manufacture filling equipment for manufacturers around the world. This includes low to high-speed machinery for filling and sealing aerosol cans, bottles, cups, tubs, and tubes. We have extensive experience packaging a variety of liquid, dry, minced, and puréed products in hot fill or cold fill production lines. We also offer modified atmosphere packaging technology (MAP) that can be incorporated into your production line to extend the shelf life of your products.

Makind and Forming

Making & Forming

Coesia offers box making and forming machinery for products that require a more premium package. Be it mechanical or digital, our advanced technologies produce premium carboard wrapped boxes for different high-end products – like fine confectionary and baked goods. The quality and precision of our box making and forming technology compliments our customers’ desire to be competitive in their market.

Making & Forming Technologies

Packing & Wrapping

We have been manufacturing primary packaging solutions to pack and wrap products for decades. We offer low to high-speed wrapping machines that will delicately fold, wrap, or twist packaging material around various confectionery products and baked goods. We also engineer chub machines that pack pumpable food products such as minced meat, cookie dough, and cheese in a variety of weights and lengths.

Packing and wrapping

Packing & Wrapping Technologies

Pouching and Bagging

Pouching & Bagging

Coesia is an industry leader when it comes to horizontal and vertical form, fill, and seal equipment. Thanks to the flexibility of our equipment, Food manufacturers can package their products in a variety of pouch styles at speeds up to 2,000 pouches per minute. Pouch style capabilities include sachet, gusseted, stand-up, stick, zippered, and spouted varieties with intermittent or continuous motion solutions. Whatever product you manufacture, Coesia has proven packaging solutions for your production line.  


Our inline, nearline and offline digital printing solutions provide innovative printing technology that enables Food manufacturers to deliver high-quality solutions for identification, marking, coding, product decoration, and late-stage customization of packaging. This ensures your operations can keep up with the latest regulatory and traceability requirements and allows you to react to market trends faster so you can differentiate your brand in the marketplace.


Printing Technologies



Coesia understands the importance of incorporating robotics into manufacturers’ production lines to improve line efficiency. We have engineered and installed industry-leading robotic systems equipped with innovative and customizable features, suitable for pick & place, palletizing, and depalletizing operations. Our engineers design them to be flexible and modular, so they can be easily adapted to unforeseen production line changes in the future. 

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