Siamo una realtà imprenditoriale che agisce per il bene comune.


We are an industrial Group acting for the common good.

Synergy with the community

The companies of the Coesia Group, well-rooted in their local communities, have always played a prominent social role. The synergy between business and territory has grown because of a distinctive sense of responsibility, a cultural inheritance from the Seràgnoli family.
Many of our companies support public health and medical science institutions, as well as non-profit organizations specializing in social integration, scientific research, education and human sciences.


MAST Foundation is an international cultural and philanthropic institution, which co-ordinates all the activities of its multi-functional center in Bologna. The Foundation provides corporate welfare services that benefit COESIA collaborators and aims to make them available for the community through a process of osmosis between the corporation and the city. MAST hosts different activities, with the primary mission of promoting a cultural process capable of stimulating motivation and interest in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in younger generations, with a special focus on the virtuous industrial identity of the territory. For this reason, the itinerary of the Technology and Photography Gallery is designed to describe innovation, experimentation and the evolution of work from the 1900s to the present time. 


The MAST Gallery is an area for experiential learning, experimentation and play, designed with “edutainment” principles, and represents an abstraction of mechanical technology. It tells the story of technology and innovation, features that have always characterized the Emilia-Romagna region, starting with the Coesia factories. The multimedia exhibition generates new knowledge through experimentation and offers a space for photographic images describing the world of work.  


In the Academy, MAST offers a dedicated area for Coesia Group technical and managerial training. It also acts as a center for the development of technical culture in the area (schools, companies, community) by implementing educational projects in partnership with institutions and other organizations.