Pet Care

The Pet Care industry continues to grow at an accelerated pace. To keep up with consumer trends and demand, manufacturers are seeking equipment capable of running new packaging formats, at greater speed, that are more sustainable. The Group companies aim to provide reliable solutions to manufacturers of Pet Care products for segments like treats, dietary supplements, wet and dry pet food, and many others. Our portfolio allows us to address diverse customer needs - for primary and secondary packaging and for end-of-line solutions - from packing and wrapping to pouching, from filling and cartoning, to automated production flow and robotics. Synergies between the Coesia companies ensure we can supply both stand-alone equipment and integrated automated turn-key lines.

Flow Automation

Our modular conveyor systems and our wide belt conveyors provide customizable and scalable solutions for pet treats, dietary supplements, and foods. Designed for hygiene and efficiency, our conveyors work in harmony with depalletizing and feeding systems to ensure a seamless transition from packaging to distribution. By optimizing the movement of materials through every stage of production, Coesia empowers Pet Care manufacturers to enhance throughput, adapt to new packaging formats quickly, and ultimately, deliver on the promise of quality care to pet owners.

Flow Automation
Cartoning and EOL

Cartoning & EOL

With capabilities ranging from low-speed intermittent cartoning to high-speed continuous motion systems reaching up to 400 packages per minute, our machinery is ideal for a diverse range of Pet Care items, from treats to dietary supplements. Our adaptable end-load, side-load, and top-load cartoning, along with advanced case packing and sleeve packing, streamline operations, ensuring you can keep pace with market demands for new, faster, and more sustainable packaging formats.


Coesia’s filling technology is specifically developed for the evolving demands of the Pet Care industry, offering solutions from cup filling to Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) systems. With a range of speeds, our adaptable machines can handle a variety of pet food forms, ensuring products such as treats, dietary supplements, and wet and dry foods are packaged with efficiency and precision. The integration of MAP extends product shelf life, vital for maintaining freshness and quality. Coesia’s equipment is designed to meet the industry’s need for new, sustainable packaging formats while maintaining the cost-effectiveness.

Packing and wrapping

Packing & Wrapping

With advanced packaging and wrapping solutions, we ensure products are protected and preserved with efficiency. Our chub packaging machines cater to pumpable pet food, at speeds of up to 150 packages per minute. Utilizing high-barrier film materials, our equipment safeguards against oxygen, light, and moisture, crucial for extending the shelf life of pet food products. With inline clip-forming and application technologies, our systems not only enhance product longevity but also optimize production flow, leading to cost savings and improved productivity, aligning with the industry's push for new, faster, fresher and more sustainable packaging methods.

Packing & Wrapping Technologies

Pouching & Bagging

Coesia excels in pouching and bagging solutions, with high-speed, versatile packaging equipment. Capable of handling up to 400 pouches per minute, our machinery offers an array of pouch styles, including sachet, gusseted, stand-up, stick, zippered, and spouted, with precision in both intermittent and continuous motion. This flexibility allows for quick adaptation to market demands for innovative and sustainable packaging, supporting a variety of product types from treats to dietary supplements. Coesia's advanced systems ensure that Pet Care products are not only efficiently packaged but also stand out on the shelves.

Pouching and Bagging


Our state-of-the-art digital printing equipment offers Pet Care manufacturers dynamic, high-quality printing capabilities for product identification, marking, coding, and custom decoration. Our inline, nearline, and offline solutions ensure flexibility to adapt to market changes swiftly, providing late-stage customization that aligns with regulatory and traceability standards. With the capacity to print on a variety of materials and integrate into continuous web packaging systems, our technology is designed to enhance brand differentiation in the marketplace.

Printing Technologies


Our robotics solutions, designed for pick & place, palletizing, and depalletizing, support the production of diverse Pet Care products while enhancing efficiency across packaging lines. Engineered for flexibility, our robots adapt to changing demands and packaging formats, ensuring Pet Care manufacturers can quickly respond to the market's evolving needs. This technology streamlines processes, reduces the need for manual labor, and ensures that pets receive the highest quality products promptly.  


Robotics Technologies

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