Ogni passo in più verso l’innovazione influenza il successivo.

Each step forward in innovation influences the next one.

Our innovation model

Innovation has been an integral part of the business and culture of Coesia and its companies throughout their history.
It is expressed in the development of new technologies, products, solutions and processes; it affects all our stakeholders, all our customers and all Coesia units.
Working closely with customers to grasp existing and emerging needs provides essential input to the innovation process. Different parts of the organization cooperate in the development of innovative technologies, products, solutions and services to meet or exceed customer expectations. These include the Coesia companies but also Coesia Marketing, which provides strategic market input and the Coesia Engineering Center, the central R&D asset of the Group.
Based on current or future customer needs, the innovation process begins with concept development, proceeds through the design process and ends with supply of the finished product or service. Throughout the process, Coesia is committed to integrate sustainability and development.
The multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary environment in Coesia is a valuable asset and an important catalyst for the effective use of resources. 

Our innovation model
Incremental and radical innovation

Incremental and radical innovation

Coesia acknowledges two approaches to innovation: incremental innovation means that the basic concepts remain, but are refined on a regular basis to improve performance. Radical innovation means that the basic concepts are drastically revised to improve performance and promote change by leaps and bounds.

Creativity Management

The creative process must interact with customer needs. 

Product Development

Our projects satisfy customer needs for new products and processing improvements. 


R&D is essential for providing products and solutions that offer unique benefits to customers. The Coesia commitment to R&D is evident from its history. Today, it is continuing to make significant investments in the future, through the Coesia Engineering Center, the companies, and cooperation with customers and leading technology institutes. 

Coesia Digital

Coesia Digital is a universe of dedicated products and services, to ensure your needs are fulfilled through state-of-the-art digital innovations. Discover your new digital mates!