Tissue & Hygiene

The Tissue & Hygiene industry is constantly evolving, as consumers’ needs also transform. Coesia companies provide our customers with advanced and flexible solutions to produce or handle disposable hygienic products - including Tissues & Wipes - to keep up with the industry innovation pace, effectively addressing their technological challenges related to pouching, cartoning & box filling up to robotics and automated production flow. For Baby Diapers, Adult Incontinence and Feminine Hygiene, we leverage our single-source supplier advantages, delivering full-plant solutions from raw materials handling and converting up to end-of-line management.  

Flow Automation

We understand tissue and hygienic product manufacturers require high-volume production lines that demand robust and precise automation capabilities. Coesia has a portfolio of solutions and services to design and install production flow processes with state-of-the-art conveyor equipment. Our experience will deliver high output in smart, compact layouts through our patented Dynamic Flow Concept (DFC) and Dynamic Motion Transfer (DMT) to enhance overall line efficiency to increase your profitability.

Flow Automation
Cartoning and EOL

Cartoning & EOL

Coesia has over 80 years of experience engineering packaging machinery for tissue and hygienic product manufacturers around the world. Our stacking, bagging, and cartoning machinery is known globally for its ability to stand up to production demands where equipment speed and rigidity are key to ensuring a production line’s return on investment. We can customize solutions for a variety of applications including adult and baby diapers, feminine hygiene, facial tissues, paper towels, and wipes packaged in bags, cartons or pouches.

Cartoning & EOL Technologies


Coesia is an industry leader in the filling and sealing of wipes for tissue and hygienic products packaged in cannisters. Depending on the packaging style, our machinery can run up to speeds of 500 cannisters per minute. Our sealers can be formatted for roll stock or pre-cut pick and place applications for various cannister diameters. We also offer overcapping machines that automatically apply molded reclosure lids to containers. Applications range from straight-wall metal, plastic, and fiber containers in round, oval, or rectangular configurations.


Filling Technologies

Making and Forming

Making & Forming

We have developed superior material converting processes and machinery to produce a variety of high-quality absorbent consumer goods products. Manufacturers turn to Coesia solutions when product form, fit, flexibility, absorption rate, and odor control are critical to their market growth and their end customer’s overall brand experience. Our in-line capabilities include elastic waist bands, refastening tape, front and back wing creation, contoured shaping, skin care lotion, leak guards, wetness indicators, and other important features.

Making & Forming Technologies

Pouching & Bagging

Our horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) equipment machinery is ideal for various towelette applications. With the capability to run up to 180 pouches per minute, in single cut sachets or sachet strings, our solutions can fill both dry and wet towelette applications. Manufacturers around the world appreciate the small footprint of our machines, the ease at which machines can be changed over, and their ability to run sustainable pouching materials.

Pouching and Bagging

Pouching & Bagging Technologies



Coesia's comprehensive suite of digital printing technologies empowers businesses with versatile options, ranging from just-in-time inline full-color digital printing to advanced capabilities such as digital late-stage customization, serialization, and more. Moreover, Coesia's cutting-edge brand protection technology adds an extra layer of security, aiding in the prevention of falsification and control of gray market flows. By generating and printing unique identifiers directly onto cartons, this technology securely stores codes and tracks them throughout the supply chain.

Printing Technologies


Recognizing the crucial role of robotics in enhancing production line efficiency, Coesia provides manufacturers with cutting-edge robotic systems. These industry-leading robots are meticulously engineered with innovative and customizable features, specifically designed for pick & place, palletizing, and depalletizing operations. Our commitment to adaptability is reflected in the flexibility and modularity of these systems, ensuring easy adjustments to unforeseen changes in production lines.    


Robotics Technologies

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