Personal Care

In the Personal Care industry, flexibility in production and personalization are paramount to cater rapidly shifting consumer trends. Whatever your needs, our vast portfolio of solutions – from product filling to cartoning, to on demand printing, robotic handling, wrapping and end of line automation – has you covered. Coesia companies provide flexible solutions able to safely deliver goods and to ensure their differentiation in terms of packaging and formulation, for market segments like Cosmetics, Hair Care, Skin & Sun Care, Soap Bars, and Toothpaste.

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As customized batches and production variances have become the norm, the need to change formats and container types quickly is crucial to keep manufacturers operating efficiently. Moreover, the rising demand of sustainable materials in packaging has made it mandatory for suppliers to offer solutions capable of handling new eco-friendly materials without compromising packaging appeal. In such a fast-paced industry, at Coesia, we make it our priority to offer state-of-the-art machines and lines that are future-proof, adaptable and upgradeable. 

Flow Automation

From the simplest to the most complex, Coesia supports businesses of all sizes as they automate their production flow. Using cutting-edge technologies such as aluminum conveyor systems, inline transfer, and elevating solutions, our team will design the ideal solution to accommodate your unique Personal Care product, in line with your floorprint and production goals. Our denesting and feeding technologies (including literature feeding) ensure maximum efficiency with minimum human intervention, while our integration experts work to ensure that our technologies work seamlessly with your existing equipment under one interface.

Flow Automation
Cartoning and EOL

Cartoning & EOL

La nostra gamma di tecnologie per il confezionamento in cartoni e il fine linea è molto ampia. Possiamo fornire tutta l’apparecchiatura necessaria per le linee di confezionamento dei tubetti, dai convogliatori, alle macchine per il confezionamento dei vassoi, fino al confezionamento secondario o terziario in scatole di tubetti di varie dimensioni. Oltre ai tubetti, disponiamo di astucciatrici con velocità da 40 a 600 astucci al minuto, per applicazioni quali saponette, campioni di profumo, fragranze, cosmetici, deodoranti, cura dei capelli e della pelle, prodotti per la rasatura e solari, saponi liquidi e igiene orale. Infine, le nostre inscatolatrici flessibili vantano un ingombro ridotto e cambi rapidi e si adattano a un'ampia gamma di applicazioni dell'industria Personal Care.


When it comes to filling technologies for the Personal Care industry, Coesia comprehensive portfolio ensures you can find a solution to meet your needs. For our cosmetics customers, we offer jar filling, mascara and lip-gloss filling, and lipstick moulding machines. Also within our filling portfolio for the Personal Care industry are bottle filling, cup filling, aerosol filling, and tube filling machines for applications such as fragrances, hair care, sun & skin care, toothpaste & oral care, and deodorants. Finally, we offer atmosphere packaging equipment that is washdown, wipedown, and aseptic-friendly for a variety of Personal Care applications.

Makind and Forming

Making & Forming

Coesia box making technologies include capabilities to make small, medium, and large rigid boxes of various shapes. With such a wide variety of box making capabilities, we’re able to accommodate many types of Personal Care products of varying sizes and shapes.

Making & Forming Technologies

Packing & Wrapping

At Coesia, we’re experts in soap bar wrapping with a number of machines designed for just that purpose. Whether you need a top speed continuous motion fold wrapper or a mid-speed horizontal flow wrapper, we can help you find the right machine for your production line. Work with our team to identify the best machine for your soap line.

Packing and wrapping

Packing & Wrapping Technologies

Pouching and Bagging

Pouching & Bagging

Coesia creates industry-leading equipment for pouching Personal Care products in a variety of pouch styles. Whether for single-use moisturizer samples, facial mask treatments, conditioning treatment for a hair dye kit, or one of many other Personal Care applications, Coesia has you covered. Our pouching offer includes horizontal flat pouching and horizontal stand-up pouching technologies with volumes up to 3000 ml and speeds up to 400 pouches per minute. 

Powder Treatment

Our expertise includes cosmetic powder drying equipment for your processing plant. From face powder to foundation cream to eye shadow, our machines can prepare and dry cosmetic slurries of a wide variety of types. Our team will work with you to ensure your machine is fine-tuned for your specific recipe(s), ensuring a consistent, reliable finished product.

Powder Treatment

Powder Treatment Technologies



Coesia digital printing technologies provide you with options such as just-in-time inline full color digital printing and inspection, digital late-stage customization and/or serialization, and more. Personal Care industry digital printing applications include flexible laminated pouches, foil lids, flat objects, rigid plastics, and flat cartons. Additionally, our brand protection technology helps you avoid falsification and control gray market flows by generating and printing unique identifiers directly onto your cartons, while securely storing codes and tracking them in the supply chain. 

Printing Technologies


Coesia robotics solutions help increase automation throughout your facility. Our de-palletizer reduces the manual effort required to manage tube boxes, including those used for toothpaste or skin care products. Our palletizing portfolio boasts speeds up to 12 cartons per minute, payloads up to 15 kg, high flexibility, small footprints, and cageless palletizers. Our Robotic Distribution pick & place solution is a modular smart handling robotic solution capable of handling a variety of applications, such as fragrances, soap bars, sun care, and more. Finally, our new breakthrough innovation, BRIXX®, provides a flexible, modular click-and-play solution for automating packing operations.


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