Our vision for technology has guided our history, rooted in industrial development.


In June 2021 Coesia has completed the acquisition of System Ceramics, further strengthening its investment in the ceramic machinery sector.

Coesia 2021
2019-2010 Coesia history

2020 2010

In January 2019 Coesia has started the acquisition of SYSTEM CERAMICS entering into the technologically advanced and dynamic market of tile manufacturing machinery, where SYSTEM is a leader.

In 2018 Coesia has consolidated its presence in digital printing solutions with the acquisitions of ATLANTIC ZEISER and TRITRON. Through these acquisitions and with the contribution of HAPA, Coesia has created a dedicated and innovative digital printing platform thus strengthening its position within the fast-growing market for product customization. In October Coesia has completed the acquisition of COMAS, leading provider of primary equipment and processing lines for the Tobacco industry. With this acquisition Coesia is uniquely positioned to provide complete solutions to meet the full range of requirements of customers in the Tobacco industry.

 In 2017 Coesia successfully completed the acquisition of MOLINS and CERULEAN, two worldwide leaders in the Tobacco industry to enhance the product portfolio in the packaging and instrumentation markets. In September MGS became part of the Group as leading provider of packaging automated machinery and equipment for the life science-pharma, food, personal care and cosmetics markets.

In 2016, the acquisition of EMMECI, global leader in automatic machinery for premium and luxury goods packaging, was concluded. In the same year, Coesia acquired GF, a provider of sterilization equipment, filling solution & inspection technology for the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2013, Coesia acquired IPI, a company specialized in the aseptic packaging of liquid products in multilayer structure.

The previous acquisition in 2012 was Oystar North America, the packaging machines for food and consumer goods leader in North America, later renamed R.A JONES.

In 2011, Coesia began to accelerate its diversification by acquiring FLEXLINK, a leader in factory automation, and strengthened its own position in the tobacco sector by taking over SASIB.

2010 2000

Since 2002 the Group has been fully owned by Isabella Seràgnoli. In 2005, the holding was renamed Coesia. This was a crucial step for cohesion and sharing common values and goals. Subsequent acquisitions added even more strength to the Group: HAPA, LAETUS, ADMV, CITUS, KALIX, NORDEN and SACMO.

2010-2000 Coesia history
2000-1980 Coesia history

2000 1980

From the early 1980s, the holding has diversified production by acquisition of CIMA, ACMA, GDM and VOLPAK. It also controls G.D.

1980 1960

G.D entered the tobacco sector with the production of its revolutionary wrapping machine, the 4350/Pack. The company became the outright leader in the sector. This paved the way for the creation, in later years, of new machines born from extraordinary ideas, which completed the tobacco production cycle, supporting customers from the manufacture of single cigarettes to carton packaging.

1980-1960 Coesia history
1960-1950 Coesia history

1960 1950

The G.D. brand achieved global success and the company became a world leader in the highly automated industrial machinery sector.

1950 1940

The company shifted its focus to packaging, mainly for the confectionery and soap sectors, a manufacturing field that offered excellent development prospects. With the contribution of Ariosto Seràgnoli, the first automatic wrapping machine was launched, an innovative device that ensured state of the art performance.

1950-1940 Coesia history
1940-1923 Coesia history

1940 1923

Coesia Group was created around G.D, a motorcycle production company founded in 1923 and taken over by Enzo Seràgnoli at the end of the 1930s.