Home Care

We understand Home Care product manufacturers have unique production line challenges. Safely packaging products in an environmentally friendly way requires robust, flexible solutions from an experienced OEM. Coesia companies have extensive expertise and a wide range of innovative primary and secondary packaging solutions that are engineered to keep operators safe, lines running efficiently, and packaging integrity intact for consumer use. Whether you need equipment to bottle, carton, pouch, tub, case, or palletize your product, with efficient conveyance systems in between, our Group of companies can offer low to high-speed customizable automated solutions that fit your needs today, while allowing your operations to adapt to the future demands of tomorrow.

Flow Automation

Our conveyor systems, denesting, and feeding equipment are tailored to enhance efficiency, allowing operators to focus on more critical tasks. Coesia advanced solutions simplify complex packaging and industrial processes: by partnering with us, you gain an edge in adapting to evolving market demands and regulations.

Flow Automation
Cartoning and EOL

Cartoning & EOL

Coesia offers tailored solutions for the Home Care industry. Capable of speeds exceeding 330 packages per minute, our machines are designed for flexibility, accommodating end-load, side-load, and top-load cartoning for a variety of products. We can help you optimize your end-of-line operations, reduce downtime, and turn the complexity of regulations and market shifts into competitive advantage, paving the way for a future-proof production line.


Our advanced filling equipment is expertly designed to address the nuanced needs of the Home Care industry. Engineered for precision, our equipment ranges from low to high-speed capabilities, adept at filling and sealing diverse packaging such as aerosol cans, bottles, cups, and tubes. Our technology excels in handling a multitude of Home Care products, including those for laundry, air care, home insecticides, and dishwashing, ensuring compliance with rigorous industry regulations.

Makind and Forming

Making & Forming

By leveraging our state-of-the-art making & forming equipment we deliver packaging solutions that enhance the presentation and protection of Home Care products. Our machines craft premium cardboard wrapped boxes for items like air care products, ensuring they stand out on the shelf. By employing our technology, Home Care brands can consistently produce luxury packaging that meets rigorous safety standards and appeals to eco-conscious consumers, reflecting the high quality of the products within.

Making & Forming Technologies

Packing & Wrapping

Coesia meets the needs of the Home Care industry by offering a spectrum of high-performance wrapping machines. From mid-speed flow wrappers to high-speed fold wrappers, our machinery operates at up to 700 packs per minute. Our solutions facilitate rapid changeovers and are equipped with independent feeding systems or can be directly linked to stampers, accommodating a variety of products. The integration of our technology ensures enhanced efficiency and adherence to the highest safety standards, providing a reliable solution for dynamic market challenges.

Packing and wrapping

Packing & Wrapping Technologies

Pouching and Bagging

Pouching & Bagging

We offer a comprehensive range of packaging styles to fulfill the diverse requirements of the Home Care industry. Our equipment can create sachet, gusseted, stand-up, stick, zippered, and spouted pouches, all customizable, with either intermittent or continuous motion solutions speeding up to 400 pouches per minute. This versatility ensures that whether the product requires a simple sachet or a more complex spouted stand-up pouch, Coesia's machinery can adapt to the task. These flexible packaging options are designed to keep pace with the industry's evolving demands, ensuring products are securely and attractively packaged, ready for the consumer market.


Coesia offers Home Care manufacturers the flexibility to incorporate high-quality printing directly into their packaging process with options for inline, nearline, and offline printing, along with solutions that support identification, marking, coding, and product decoration. Our systems enable late-stage customization, providing manufacturers the ability to comply with stringent regulatory and traceability standards while swiftly adapting to market trends. These dynamic printing capabilities, combined with camera verification and just-in-time color printing for continuous materials, ensure products stand out in a competitive Home Care market and operations remain ahead of the curve in both efficiency and compliance.


Printing Technologies



Our robotics solutions are tailored to the Home Care industry, enhancing efficiency through precision in pick & place, palletizing, and depalletizing. Our robotics systems are designed with modularity and flexibility, allowing for quick adaptation to the evolving demands of production lines. With equipment like our collaborative palletizers that require no surrounding safety barriers and intuitive software for modular, click-and-play operations, we ensure seamless integration into existing workflows. Coesia robotic solutions empower Home Care manufacturers to meet the challenges of safety, regulation, and market adaptation head-on, with consistent quality and uninterrupted performance.

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