Energy Storage Systems

In a constantly changing market due to the rapid evolution of vehicle power supply technologies, Coesia's companies can play a leading role in the Energy Storage Systems supply chain.
Leveraging distinctive innovation to create value for our Customers and Community, the Group ensures long-term and sustainable growth, as well as investing in technologies and solutions to become the manufacturing and development partner for OEMs.
The great expertise gained from other industries is now well translated in technological and system integration know-how for the batteries’ market.

Electrode manufacturing

Thanks to the extensive know-how and capabilities deeply experienced in other industries, Coesia companies can apply the primary wet slurry and drying process to the electrode manufacturing.
Multiple processing machines for the wet technology can be provided with the most outperforming energy recovery system to combine efficient productivity with outstanding sustainability.
Alternative dough (dry coating) solution with a reduced footprint and lower energy and water consumption, is also available at Coesia.
Mixing, casting, drying, coating, and slitting are the innovative technologies the Group can deploy in this segment to support customers to bring value to the outcome.

Electrode Manufacturing
Cell Manufacturing

Cell Manufacturing

Coesia companies can leverage on their long-lasting expertise on high-speed and high-precision continuous motion technology to supply the cylindrical winder and Z-folder, achieving the best winding and stacking process solution for cell manufacturing.
The benefit for customers is an improved overall TCO for mass production and a reduction of floor space utilization.
Thanks to its ability to adapt to specific customer requirements, Coesia’s equipment aims to minimize the stress on the processed material and to obtain an increased throughput. 
The high strategic importance of the Group's battery machinery manufacturing, based on distinctive innovation and technologically advanced solutions, will ensure long-term and sustainable growth not only for partners but also for the entire community.

Cell Assembly

The continuous motion technology, developed by Coesia companies for other industries, can be fully integrated with indexing technology and translated to cell assembly for an efficient process and footprint optimization.
The Group’s cell assembly top-class machines can respond more effectively to today's manufacturing challenges, serving the always most demanding battery market, with solutions supporting partners to obtain higher product quality and yield.
Committed to becoming the integrated supplier to OEMs in the battery business, Coesia companies are focused on setting up new industrial operations in the cell assembly process, driving the sector with the most elevated standards of reliability, speed and sustainability. 
The consolidated know-how powered by developing software and hardware for packaging automated equipment allows the Group to deliver user-friendly solutions for the control and management of the cell handling, sorting and palletizing, oriented to minimize TCO and optimize OEE.

Cell Assembly
Filling and Formation

Filling and Formation

The tube filling experience, matured in the Consumer goods industry by Coesia companies, can be deployed in the electrolyte filling process, carried out in microfiltered dry rooms with optimized spaces.
The Group is developing a solution for the end of line with the main target to improve the facility footprint as well as the Energy consumption.
Thanks to its considerable know-how and internal design competencies, Coesia companies are also specialists and producers of excellent Power electronics tailormade components and dedicated systems capable to contribute to partners' competitiveness in several different industries: Automotive, Racing, Aerospace, E-mobility and Transport. 


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